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3D Oral Imaging in Cocoa, FL

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Though digital dental x-rays may be able to capture two-dimensional images of your teeth, 3D oral imaging with Vatech can provide a 360-degree view. 3D imaging allows Dieter Burr, D.M.D. at Advanced Dental Care to observe and study the full extent of existing oral health complications or areas of damage to your jaw, skull, teeth, and mouth. It is a cutting-edge technology that can paint a picture of your overall dental health. Not only can 3D oral imaging help us to assess any potential dental problems, but it also helps determine and decipher what alterations should be made. It allows for a more rapid diagnosis and more exact treatment options. The images that are collected can even be used to make more specific dental onlays, inlays, implants, etc. 3D oral imaging allows us to thoroughly assist our Cocoa, FL patients make knowledgeable decisions about their dental treatments.

Best Candidates

Oral 3D imaging can be employed to diagnose a wide number of dental conditions for men and women of all ages. For children, it is ready to track changes and developments in oral and facial architecture. In addition, it can be used during orthodontic treatments to determine that teeth are actually shifting and aligning as they should be. In addition, it enhances the treatment planning process, by allowing patients the best possible alternatives for tracking and fixing problems.

What to Expect

Like dental x-rays, 3D oral imaging is generally part of your traditional dental exam. The actual procedure is very similar to having an x-ray taken but with 3D imaging, the imaging machine will rotate 360-degrees around your head. The whole process takes about 30 seconds for a full mouth view. The images are then uploaded for Dr. Burr to review and determine whether you are dealing with any dental conditions that may necessitate treatment. Since the imaging process can expose patients to radiation, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should let Dr. Burr know before undergoing imaging. Also, children need to reduce their exposure to radiation and only receive 3D imaging when required and approved by a professional.


There's absolutely no need for a formal follow-up after receiving 3D oral imaging; however, it is advisable and highly recommended that patients receive bi-annual dental cleanings and yearly dental appointments to maintain optimal oral health. Equally as important, is an attentive dental health regimen, including brushing twice daily and flossing every day to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Insurance Coverage

As part of an annual or bi-annual dental exam or cleaning, 3D oral imaging is usually covered by most insurance providers. Our billing staff will contact your insurance provider and tell you if there are any additional expenses that are not covered under your policy.

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Detect and Diagnose

This method of oral imaging is an efficient method to successfully detect and treat conditions that may occur in your mouth, jaw, or teeth. 3D oral imaging is often utilized during simple and complex dental procedures to help offer reassurances during the treatment and reduce the danger of complications. If you would like to make 3D oral imaging a part of your standard dental exam, call our practice to set up a consultation today.

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